Meet: Sofia Echa



Background:  Painting , drawing, photography , sculpture, Japanese studies

I was born in 1992 in Vladivostok, Russia, and settled in New York City in 2013 to continue my pursuit of a career in art after I received a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Japanese studies. I graduated from the National Academy School in New York. Before that, I studied fine arts at Art School in Vladivostok and at Cambridge School Of Visual & Performing Arts in Cambridge, UK. I paint with acrylic on canvas and metal. Painting on big canvases and metal sheets of various sizes, I try to create an illusion of reflection. Working on metal sheets, I see my reflection in the unpainted areas through the abstract cloud-like strokes I make, and that helps me dive into my own thoughts and memories. The cool gray color I favor in both my works on metal and canvas provides an achromatic background allowing me to begin my paintings in an oasis of calm and neutrality. Also, my interest is not only what is on the front, but also what is on the back: I attach stretchers to my works on metal so they have a shadow on the wall, and that adds sculptural qualities to my work. My works are in private collections in the United States, Asia, and Europe and I’ve had solo and group shows in the US and in Russia. In September 2018 my work was auctioned off at the Phillips auction house in New York.

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