Rainbow Oasiiis: Fundraiser Bubble


Bubble: Healing: A Fundraiser Event in Support of Rainbow Oasiiis

Oct. 7 2022 7pm-11pm

Miami is known for its vibrant and colorful art scene, and now it has a new addition to its list of must-visit destinations – Rainbow Oasiiis, the city’s first and only artist-led artist-in-residence program. Founded and designed by the talented Miami native and multi-dimensional installation artist Haiiileen, Rainbow Oasiiis is a hyper-colorful, rainbow-inspired home/studio that offers artists the opportunity to work in a unique and inspiring environment.

At Rainbow Oasiiis, selected artists will be provided with a work-live space and a mentorship program that will allow them to reflect, research, and produce a series of works that will be showcased at an open studio event. The program is designed to provide artists with access to Miami’s top artists, art organizations, and partnerships, giving them the chance to grow and showcase their talent to the world.

To celebrate the success of Rainbow Oasiiis and its mission to support artists in Miami, the organization is hosting its first fundraiser event, Bubble Healing. This event will feature the publishing of Rainbow Oasiiis’ first site-specific permanent installation by founder Haiiileen and Miami local artist. The installation is comprised of 40 dome-like sculptures embedded in an oasis jungle, with sound interactive elements that will deepen the experience for visitors.

The goal of Bubble Healing help support Rainbow Oasiiis’ mission and make a difference in Miami’s art community. With the help of our generous event partners, including Verterradinnerware, Mango Mamasalsa, Carmen Fibarra, The Fat Dumpling, and Mijacrnogemblot, we have been able to reach our goal.

The Bubble Healing fundraiser event also includes a silent auction, featuring amazing items from Superblue, Hims/HERS, Tribesocks, Studs, Formulate Wellness, Absolute Exlr Voka, Google Nest, Gitano, Tropezon, Rufus Du Sol, NB Music Festival, Muruve Wine, and Portfolio Pet. All proceeds from the silent auction will go directly to support Rainbow Oasiiis’ mission.

The Bubble Healing fundraiser event is being led by the Social Committee, consisting of Ariel Penzer Milgroom, Captain of Culture, and Soledad Lower. This is a fantastic opportunity to support Miami’s art community and be part of a monumental program that is sure to make a lasting impact.

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