About Rainbow Oasiiis  **starting in 2023**

Rainbow Oasiiis was inspired and founded by artist Haiiileen, due to very large inflation in the renter market in south Florida. Haiiileen was brutally denied her lease renewal to her studio in Allapattah and her home in Miami Beach, fl which forces her to rethink and strategy a new plan on how to overcome this next chapter in the forever-moving economy of Miami. With a 60-day turnaround, that inspired her Devotion to Miami and its art community she decided to leave behind a foundation that will pass her own life and will Provide a rainbow-filled sanctuary opportunity for artists that are visiting Miami. 

Rainbow Oasiiis Is a national quarterly open call Artist-in-Residence program will be given the opportunity to provide a work-live space, for artists outside of their usual environments, providing them with mentorship and access to Miami art organizations, that will allow the artist with time to reflect, research, and produce a series of work that will be showcase

Rainbow Oasiiis is located in Allapatha, fl, and  is centrally located near : 

  • Espacio 23 
  • Superblue 
  • Rubell museum 
  • Bakehouse complex 
  • And more 

The funding for the program will provide:

  • -private studio efficiency into a work-live 
  • – access to the shop tools and materials inhouse provide
  • -Wi-Fi, use of workshop, parking 
  • -small kitchen 
  • -Closet, desk  
  • – bike /rideshare/ 
  • – material
  • -access to Haiiileen studio 

Remember, any donation from you or from friends you share this with is incredibly helpful!! Thank you so much for your support

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