Meet the artists in Residency 2023

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Rainbow Oasiiis 501c3 is proud to announce its Full Spectrum residency program for 2023, featuring six talented artists from diverse backgrounds and styles. Each artist will have a two-month residency at the Rainbow Oasiiis studio in Miami, where they will be able to create new work and collaborate with other artists in the community. Additionally, the Full Spectrum programming series, in partnership with Superblue, will provide an exciting array of experiential artistic events, education, and community outreach.

Kicking off the residency program from January 3rd to February 20th is Ruth Burotte, a Haitian-American illustrator with a Fine Arts Bachelor in Art & Technology. Based in Miami, Ruth works in digital illustration, painting, mural art, motion design, and animation. Ruth’s passion for drawing and storytelling has led her to work on public art projects and collaborations with global brands like Adidas.

From March 3rd to April 20th, Guillermo Ruballo, a Miami-based artist, will join the residency program. With a background in painting and graphic design, Guillermo has worked in the arts community since 2007, taking on various roles such as a gallery preparator, museum tech, artists assistant, and arts fabricator.

Following Guillermo, Richard Sardiña will take over the residency from May 3rd to June 20th. Richard’s work uses nostalgic imagery from his childhood to shed light on darker topics like abuse, addiction, and abandonment. Through his art, he portrays objects like teddy bears and toy cars as coping mechanisms for children facing difficult situations.

Pablo Francisco Matute will be the resident artist from July 3rd to August 20th. Born in Hialeah, Florida, Pablo is an American Ecuadorian artist who specializes in charcoal drawing. He is pursuing a Bachelor’s in Arts at Florida International University, and he currently resides at Zero Empty Spaces, where he has shown his work in various galleries throughout South Florida.

Muu Blanco will take over the residency from September 3rd to October 20th. Born in Caracas, Muu is a multimedia artist who uses a wide range of mediums like painting, drawing, photography, assembly, video, and sound. He has participated in numerous group exhibitions in various areas of Latin America, the USA, Europe, Eurasia, and Canada, and he is currently a production scholar in the Multimedia Arts Foundation Saltamontes in Miami.

The final resident artist of the year will be Luna Palazzolo, a multidisciplinary artist born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Luna will take over the residency from November 3rd to December 20th. Their work is often described as a product of their relationship to their immediate surroundings, with themes of resistance, empowerment, and cynicism about our emerging technocracy. Luna studied psychology in the University of Kennedy in Buenos Aires, and their art has been showcased in various countries like Japan, Canada, Mexico, and the United States.

Throughout the residency program, the Full Spectrum programming series will provide a dynamic and inclusive platform for emerging artists and the art-loving community. The program will feature experiential artistic events, education, and community outreach, with a focus on children’s art programming and concert series. Panel discussions about various topics with local experts or community leaders will also be included, making it an all-encompassing experience for all participants.

In conclusion, the Rainbow Oasiiis Full Spectrum residency program for 2023 promises to be an exciting and diverse celebration of the arts. With a talented lineup of resident artists and a dynamic programming series, it is sure to be an enriching experience for everyone involved. We can’t wait to see what new works and collaborations will arise from

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