Introducing Ruth Burotte: The First Artist at Rainbow Oasiiis


Ruth’s journey as an artist began in Queens, NY, where she was born. She then spent 15 years of her life in Forest Park, Georgia, before settling in Miami, where she is now based. Ruth has worked in various mediums such as digital illustration, painting, mural art, motion design, and animation, but her love for drawing has always been her driving force.

As a child, Ruth was infatuated with anime and manga characters, and she would often create her own characters and stories. This passion for storytelling has led her to become an advocate for local urban art projects that promote new cultural directions for communities. She has been actively involved in the Miami art scene and has collaborated with various professional artists to plan and participate in shows and exhibitions.

Ruth’s talent and dedication have not gone unnoticed, and she has been commissioned for several public art projects in Broward County. In fact, during her freshman year of college, Ruth became the youngest artist ever to be commissioned for public art in Broward County. This experience sparked her interest in painting murals for communities and working on public art projects.

In June 2018, Ruth had a breakthrough when she collaborated with Adidas Originals on the POD SYSTEM campaign. She represented Miami and traveled to Germany to finish a workshop in London. Her design adaptation represented Miami, and her work was celebrated as an excellent representation of the city’s culture.

With her unique blend of art and technology, Ruth has made a name for herself in the Miami art scene. Her talent, passion, and community involvement make her the perfect artist to set the tone for the Rainbow Oasis program. As our first artist in residence, Ruth will undoubtedly inspire and captivate our audiences with her incredible work.

We look forward to seeing what Ruth creates during her residency, and we are thrilled to have her as our opening act for the Rainbow Oasis program. Join us as we celebrate her incredible talent, and stay tuned for more updates on Rainbow Oasis and our upcoming events.

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