Open Studio of 02: Guillermo Ruballo

Miami-born and based artist Guillermo Ruballo is a highly skilled painter and graphic designer who has been an essential part of the arts community in Miami for over a decade. His passion for abstract painting led him to develop his visual language during his residency at Rainbow Oasiiis, where he created his latest project, “Color Lab 2023”.

Through mark making and color, Guillermo recorded moments of calm, tension, excitement, uncertainty, neurosis, joy, and anxiety, transmuting his states of being into a series of small works arranged in a grid. This group of paintings showcases a mix of smoother, angular, and energetic works, as well as slower, calculated shapes, colorful blobs, and overlapping squiggles, all united by a theme of bright contrasting colors and earth tones.

Guillermo’s goal with this project was to develop a personal formalism by letting his feelings lead the way during each painting session, using the initial marks to inform the next and working towards a resolved composition. He plans to use these works as tools and notes to build larger paintings in the future.

If you want to experience Guillermo’s Color Lab 2023 project in person, you can attend his open studio event at Rainbow Oasiiis on April 20 from 6-11pm. This is a unique opportunity to meet the artist, see his works up close, and learn more about his artistic process. Don’t miss it!

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