Friends of the Oasiiis

Rainbow Oasiiis Offers a 1 on 1 mentoring access from some of the leading professionals in their industry to partner up and provide insight into their careers to our artists in residency

Consideration :

  1. Must be available via zoom for a 1hr mentoring class
  2. must be 18 years or older
  3. must follow Rainbow Oasiiis on social
  4. Be our advocate and help us reach our goals
  5. please see the 7 pillars of our mentorship program (ROYGBIV)


(R)esidency -Providing a space for tranquility and creative forces, fabrication, infrastructure, hardware, tools, machines, studio, equipment
(O)pportunity -Giving the opportunity for artists to work on new bodies of work, operations, branding, admin, marketing, social
(Y)ou -Change a life and provide a new world of mental and physical help
(G)reen – up-cycle, re-cycle items, solar energy, and sustainability
(B)right -Idealist, artist, for color and high contrast, art background
(I)nnovation-Education /Partnerships with tech and digital platforms to explain
(V)olunteer -Mentorship /leadership/ development leading professional to provide insight

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