Meet our Inguinal artist of Rainbow Oasiiis 2023

Jan. 3- Feb. 20: 

Ruth Burotte   

Propose project: 

+Utilizing the space would give me the opportunity to create a new series of mixed media works through digital art and large scaled paintings. This new series will explore the hero complex that has been appearing more in younger generations due to exposure to social media and an ever-changing political climate. Diving deeper into the idea of being “A Protagonist” and experimenting with the retrospective of tropes, identity, and free will.

Bio :

Ruth Burotte is a Haitian-American Illustrator with a Fine Arts Bachelor in Art & Technology. Being born in Queens NY, then raised in ForestPark Georgia for 15 years, and is now based in Miami. She works in mediums such as digital illustration, painting, mural art, motion design, and animation. She was always infatuated with drawing and being an artist. Ruth would always draw anime and manga characters and sometimes create characters and write stories of their own. Ruth has been involved in local urban art projects to lead communities in a new cultural direction. After moving to Miami From then on, she saw a difference in the city culture with many professional artists as a collective culture who would plan, participate and advertise their shows and spaces often. She soon was also a part of these collectives by becoming an art director for Youth Concept Gallery. During her freshman year of college, she was the youngest artist to ever be commissioned by Broward County for public art which started her interest in working on public art projects and painting murals for communities. In June 2018, Ruth had her first break in brand collaboration with Adidas originals where She traveled to their HQ in Germany and finished a workshop in London. She was a part of their POD SYSTEM campaign where artists designed a POD adaptation that represented the major cities they resided in. Ruth represented Miami.

March 3- April 20: 

Guillermo Ruballo:

Proposed project : 

+ In this residency, i will develop a series of utility garments that explore the aesthetic intersection and relationships between workwear, sportswear, high visibility safety, tactical and Floridian landscape camouflage. This focus will produce functional prototypes, project drawings, camouflage paintings, and textile experiments.


 I am a Miami born/based creative working in the arts community since 2007. I began with a painting and graphic design background that lead me to an internship at a wynwood gallery in 2006. I have since grown my skills and techniques through working as a gallery preparator, museum tech, artists assistant and arts fabricator in this city.  I currently make my living through freelance art services and fabrication. 

                            May 3- June 20th:

 Richard Sardiña : +My work uses nostalgic imagery from my childhood to shed light on topics dealing with the the darker side of adolescence such as abuse, addiction and abandonment. A lot of the work I am doing right now uses objects such as teddy bears and toy cars represented as objects of comfort and joy during moments of fear and confusion. To me these objects act as a coping mechanism for a child whom may not be full aware of the situation but nevertheless is affected by it going on into adulthood.


 I’m an artist, trying to represent my lens, through methods of creativity inspired by my self driven direction. 

              July 3 – August 20th –

Pablo Matute impact that I want the work to have is to bring to light these issues that many people including myself are dealing with. Childhood trauma follows us back into our adult life’s, affecting our work and relationships. I want people to see my pieces and understand the existence of these feelings affecting people in silence. For people facing these issues to see that they are not alone and that someone not ignoring them, to hopefully inspire them to talk about theirs

BIO: Pablo Francisco Matute is an American Ecuadorian artist born in Hialeah, Florida. He studied at Broward College where he was introduced to charcoal, which has become his medium of choice ever since. He is currently pursuing a bachelor’s in arts at Florida International University with a focus on drawing. Pablo is currently a resident at Zero Empty Spaces, which is an organization that provides rental studio spaces for artists throughout South Florida. During his time at Zero Empty Spaces, he has shown in numerous galleries all throughout South Florida, including various publications and an online international exhibition in London, hosting events for artist in his community.

September 3- Oct. 20 th

 Muu Blanco rainbow “Miami 2022” My proposal is to produce a Rainbow Landscape (Decomposition of LIGHT WHITE to MULTICOLOR) Miami as a melting pot of cultures, which I intendinterpret WITH THE DEVELOPMENT of this idea of ​​the rainbow: a LANDSCAPE ABSTRACTO MULTIMEDIATICO context-specific project designed to “Miami City” (Greater Miami) and its “Per metro Natural” (Natural Edge) and with this multilevel documentation that is the DNA of the pieces of SOUND, VIDEO, Black and white PHOTOGRAPHY and LIGHT DESIGN all this in a composition which will be expressed in 3D sculptural language with multimedia expansion. Me referent for this idea is born in the (conceptual video sculptures) of Master NAM JUNE PAIK.ContentsDocumentation that I will carry out in 3 media:Sound: Audio “Soundscape”Video: Moving Images “Abstract Color”Photography: black and white photos “high contrast images”Geolocation: space and time information of these documentations“geographical coordinates”.Thus, to show the multicolored landscape of the Multicity, the Great MIami; from the sea to the Everglades, where plants and fauna are greater, we as settlers and I an explorer, just like Humboldt with microphones ultrasensitive to sound, of video and photography, macro exploring with a zoom in on the edges of the great central swamp of South Florida, there we live with humidity and of course with the mosquitoes and their low flights through our sound field. This documentation, its post-production and subsequent “media assemblyloudspeaker” will be created with a group of speakers that will emit these sounds. In addition, micro screens with moving images and Photographic Slide Show ofHigh Contrast and neon graphic lights to finally create a sculpture 11x11x11” multi-sensoryThis idea and its production will be in 2 stages 1- Field Work1.1 the field work would basically be to move to the urban edges with the Nature for the documentation of its multilevel landscapes, Post-


Muu Blanco was born in Caracas (1966), grew up in Venezuelaand the Caribbean Islands, currently he lives and works in Miami, Florida. In 1992, he completed a master’s degree in Theoretical and Practical Contemporary Art Systems, 2004, from 2014 to 2016 he was a fellow of the Art Connection Foundation

in Miami, Currently since 2017 he has a production scholarship in the Multimedia Arts Foundation Saltamantis in Miami. Muu Blanco lives and works in Miami. He began his career with painting, drawing, photography, and assembly, then set about producing videos and art sound work; He has also held a steady job in media: television and radio programs from the 90s until now. At this moment he is working Mix media facilities where he uses every means of expression in contemporary forms of exhibition.

Since 1990 Blanco has participated in numerous group exhibitions in various areas of Latin America, USA, Europe, Eurasia, and Canada.

Throughout 2016 he made 10 sessions of Latin sound connection, a monthly meeting of music and video in Midtown, Miami at the Headquarters of Art Connection Foundation.

His work is present in important Institutional Collections:

Patricia Phelps de Cisneros Foundation(Caracas-New York)

The Urban Foundation Collection Photography (Caracas)

Banco Mercantil Collection (Caracas)

and in private collections in Caracas, Maracaibo, New York, Los Angeles, Houston,

Miami, San Francisco, Milan, Madrid, Porto Alegre, Berlin, Lisbon and Barcelona.

November 3 – December 20 

Luna Palazzo the residency program, i want to develop large sheets of recycled paper in order to create a labyrinth. Simoultaneosuly, two references: to literature and to the later writer Borges, whom dedicated a good portion of his career to talk about labyrinths as a metaphor for life. For the residency work specifically, i would like to make a small scae version of it. 


Luna Palazzolo is a multidisciplinary artist born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where they remained until relocating to Miami in 2012 at the age of 20.

In addition to their contributions to the local art community,  they have been invited to show works in Buenos Aires, Japan, Canada, Mexico, and United States.

Their work could be described as a product of their relationship to their immediate surroundings. Iconoclastic often deals in themes of resistance, empowerment, and a deeply held cynicism about our emerging technocracy. Luna studied psychology in the university of Kennedy, in Buenos Aires.

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